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Glow Plug Anatomy & Construction

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Glow Plug Analysis

Technical information

Glow Plug Analysis

Inspection of Glow Plugs

In order to check the heating coil or element, measure its resistance as shown in the diagrams (right) and based on your findings if;






Recommended Counter Measur

Melted Heater Tube

1. Abnormal Overheating

a) Incorrect fuel injection timing or volume flow rate

a) Check fuel injection

b) Abnormal combustion due to excessive lubricating oil entering the combustion chamber

b) Check valve guides and piston rings

2. Excessive Voltage

a) Incorrect glow plug has been fitted

a) Confirm glow plug part number is correct

b) Faulty controller relay or glow plugs switched on too long

b) Check controller relay operation

Heating Coil Broken - Resistance

See excessive voltage above


Broken Heater Tube

Excessive turbulence or overheating due to incorrect fuel injection timing or volume flow rate

Check fuel injection timing and volume flow rate