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Technical information

Precious Metal Spark Plugs

NGK's range of precious metal spark plugs provide two major benefits over conventional spark plugs:

As emission laws become more stringent, the performance expectations of spark plugs also increase. NGK have developed a range of Iridium and Platinum spark plugs to meet and surpass the modern requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

Precious metals such as Iridium and Platinum have much higher melting points over traditional metals such as Nickel.

View Quenching AnimationThis allows centre electrode diameters to reduce from 2.5mm using Nickel, to 0.6mm using Iridium or Platinum. The finer point means that once a spark forms, the flame kernel does not have a large mass of centre electrode that reduces absorption of heat and the flame shadow impeding the flame progress. This equates to a more complete burn that translates to: