NGK/NTK unveil their new website, a celebration of 40 years in Australia

From humble beginnings in 1936, NGK/NTK has grown to become a global leader in the spark plugs and technical ceramics’ industry. Celebrating 40 years in Australia, NGK/NTK has refreshed and reintroduce their digital presence as a commercial leader.

Building upon the solid grounds of the previous design, NGK/NTK looked to combine smart design and striking visuals with the best principles of user experience design. This balance encompasses visual attributes that appeal to resellers and distributors within the Australian Automotive Industry and workshops alike, while providing them with an optimal user experience.

The refresh saw a shift to a lighter colour scheme and adapted sharp visual language of the NGK/NTK brand into the design elements. This revamped platform embodies more than ever the company’s key values of leadership, innovation, passion and industry excellence.

Hence, the purpose of this streamlined aesthetic was to reveal to the user a professional tone, alongside a clarified information hierarchy to improve the user journey and better the flow. This was made possible by the implementation of an updated navigation and animation sequences.

NGK/NTK’s online presence has been elevated to another level, retaining its positioning as an industry leader in the automotive industry, deploying a sleek and cutting-edge look to this responsive website.

This user interface refresh not only celebrates four decades of success in Australia, but also paves the way for the future of NGK/NTK.