While 2020 has been a challenging year for many, it marks an important milestone for NGK Spark Plug Australia who are celebrating 40 successful years in Australia.

During this time, NGK Spark Plugs has developed an enviable reputation for driving innovation, delivering quality products on-time, and providing a level of customer support that is often benchmarked but rarely equalled.

“We are committed to distributing automotive intelligence quickly and efficiently. Our industry-leading application guides provide real-time access to the latest product data, including specification, fitment and trouble-shooting solutions,” said Mr. Kakeru Morii, Managing Director NGK Spark Plug Australia.

NGK is considered a key partner to Trade, Reseller and Distribution businesses within the Australian aftermarket industry, and are quick to recognise that these relationships are the cornerstone of their successful aftermarket business.

“As a leader in product design and manufacturing, our team strives to bring the best technology to market. In addition to an extensive catalogue of spark and glow plugs, NGK also offers a full range of ignition coils and OE-quality sensors,” Mr. Morii explained.

For more than 80 years, NGK has been driving performance with the latest in spark plug and oxygen sensor technology.

“Our team members are fuelled by an unrivalled passion for their industry and a commitment to innovation,” said Mr. Morii. “We partner with OEMs to develop the latest innovations, making NGK/NTK the supplier of choice for many manufacturers. With world-class quality and engineering, our expertise goes beyond the aftermarket to drive the automotive industry forward.”

In 2003, NGK Australia started distributing KYB Shock Absorbers, and over the last 17 years they have grown the range extensively, cemented their position as the market leader in the increasingly competitive Shock Absorber product category.

In Australia, KYB is focused on three market segments, passenger & light commercial, light & heavy commercial and 4WD. In each of these markets their extensive product range is engineered specifically to perform in harsh, Australian conditions and is supported by detailed technical and application catalogues.

More recently, NGK has added CAIRE to their growing business portfolio. CAIRE creates the world’s most advanced oxygen solutions and leverages their innovative manufacturing expertise, CAIRE’s innovative technology gives COPD sufferers and their caregivers the confidence to breathe easier with the most extensive line of oxygen concentrators on the market from simple-to-operate portable units to at home concentrators that operate quietly, and effortlessly.

There is little doubt that NGK Spark Plug has left an indelible mark on the automotive aftermarket, and we’re confident that their commitment to innovation, exploration and sustainability will secure their success for the next 40 years.