NGK Takes Out 2 Awards

On Thursday the 21st of July, John Wall, NGK General Manager of Sales & Marketing attended the Repco Supplier Awards function along with Managing Director, Ken Hosako, and Brad Farmer, State Sales Manager of Victoria & Tasmania.

NGK Spark Plugs Australia was recognised for its stand out performance and given awards in two categories; Excellence in eCatalogue Content and Exceptional Service to Store Network Award (Trade).

Having built a reputation that is synonymous with high quality spark plugs and spans 35 years, the NGK team were thrilled to be acknowledged in two key industry areas.

“This is a great achievement, as it recognises the hard work and additional focus we’ve been applying to Repco’s NavigatorPro system”, Wall explained in accepting the award for Excellence in eCatalogue Content. “It’s a system that Repco Auto Parts has developed entirely in-house and it’s now grown into an industry leading system”.

NGK’s increased efforts in the field of eCatalogue, and working to integrate their system with Repco’s other modules, allows part numbers to show up in vehicle searches by the workshop, shows stock availability and price, followed by delivery within the hour.

The NGK team were particularly pleased with receiving the award for Exceptional Service to Store Network (Trade), as it is an area they have undoubtedly been setting the benchmark in for many years.

“It essentially represents the sales activity that we are driving into stores from trade level”, said Wall. “It’s an area we consider fundamental to the success of NGK Australia”.

“Our customers are drawn to the high quality customer service and technical support we provide, and it’s something we are always striving to improve”, said Wall. “Our website offers a full scope of the technical capabilities of our products, which gives our customers the knowledge and reassurance they need”.

The exemplary customer service and industry knowledge that NGK has come to be known for, goes hand in hand with their extensive range, that offers high quality spark plugs with characteristics engineered to suit a large range of vehicles.

“Our products are put through the most rigorous of manufacturing processes, and the state-of-the-art technology we use sets us apart from the rest of the market” explained Wall.

With strong ties to the Motorsport community, NGK has enjoyed partnerships with the Holden Racing Team, Nissan Motorsport, Ferrari, McLaren and Ford – and work in unison with Yamaha and Honda in the Motorbike realm.

“Being prevalent across a range of unique applications, it’s vital for us to remain focused on product improvement and innovation, it’s about staying driven and pushing the boundaries of performance both on the track and in the lab”.

On feeling humbled and truly proud of NGK’s efforts at the awards night, Wall added “It’s always great to receive brand recognition and to be noted for excellence, because it solidifies the hard work and attention we pay to consistently meeting high-quality expectations, time-after-time”