NGK’s Powerful Ignition Coil Has Arrived

Replace your old Can Type Ignition Coil with the powerful NGK Can Type Ignition Coil equivalent

NGK Australia has recently launched two key part numbers U1163 & U1173 into their expanding Ignition Coil range that cover over 500 vehicle applications in the Australian carparc.

Launched into the US in early 2018, results have shown a 0% failure rate. These strong results correlate directly with the high quality standards of NGK Japan, where every Ignition Coil is produced in strict compliance with OE specifications and processes.

NGK have a number of measures in place throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that all products are delivered across three key pillars: high quality, superior performance and reliability. The following measures are implemented across all NGK Ignition Coils:

  1. Measured mechanically and electrically using laser guidance
  2. Undergo a thermal shock and thermal cycle test that ranges from; -65 to 175 °C.
  3. Tested for mechanical vibration durability, EMC and RFI compatibility
  4. Endure a vacuum moulding process to ensure a blister-free encapsulation, preventing any potential electrical short-circuits

Technical features that set the NGK Ignition Coil apart from the pack include:

  1. Designed to perfectly match the high performing NGK Spark Plug
  2. Precise engineering for correct seating
  3. Excellent pulse strength durability
  4. Exceptional short-circuit and moisture resistance
  5. Superior thermal loads and vibration resilience
  6. Optimal dimensioning of cooling surfaces for the heat dissipation and temperature stability

For further information on the NGK Ignition Coil range please contact our customer service team on 1300 55 40 59