We sit down with Mighty Car Mods

If you love customising and improving your cars, then you’re bound to know and love the boys at Mighty Car Mods.


Why do you love NGK’s spark plugs?

We’ve been fans of Japanese-made cars for years, and it’s not unusual to pull a spark plug out of one of them and find it’s got NGK installed. Being that we love modifying cars, we also upgrade ignition systems quite regularly so tweaking the spark plug to suit the application is also quite common.

What automotive mod is up next on your car to-do list?

Engine swaps are an interesting way to change the character and performance of your car. Honda engine swaps are HUGE at the moment. We swapped one into our Classic Mini and it’s been excellent. Click here to check out how we did it!

How do you use NGK?

When we’re tuning and pushing the performance of a car, we’ll often change the spark plug to suit the application. By changing to a colder heat range plug, we can improve the way the ignition happens and also by changing the electrode gap, it can help achieve good combustion.

What trends have you seen recently in the automotive industry?

With so much freely available information floating around online, doing fairly major modifications to your car is easier than ever. People are making parts in their garages and basements using 3D printers and CAD software. Seeing the creativity and ingenuity that’s happening around that field is great.

What hobbies or activities have you gotten around to enjoying whilst staying at home more?
I have my own car hoist in my back shed. It has made modding a lot easier. Recently we restored a fairly unloved Toyota MR2 and we’ve also done a bit of work on our 99 2 Door WRX STI.

What mod is up next on your car to-do list?

Recently we’ve been getting into handling mods as we’ve done a few track days which have shown up some shortcomings. We’ve also been messing around with ignition systems from various model cars that we can retro fit into others. It’s amazing how much cross-compatibility there is, and you can get some great performance out of the parts for little money.

What is your dream car?

A 1994 Daihatsu Mira TRX-X4… we happen to own one! This video shows the end result of our work on it.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

We spend as much time as we can coming up with ideas for episodes, and shooting, editing and publishing them. We always try and push the envelope in terms of production value so that takes a bit of time. We make all the music for the show as well as we’re both from musical backgrounds.

What are you watching at the moment that you would recommend?

There’s an awesome amount of homegrown content going up at the moment from Australia and being exported all over the world on YouTube, so we spent quite a bit of time checking that out. We also like to watch our friends over at Roadkill who we collaborated with a few years back.