High-grade alumina
silicate ceramic
Creates a stronger insulator to reduce dielectric punch-through (caused by spark exiting through side of ceramic)
Cold-rolled threads
Prevents cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads
Trivalent plating
No anti-seize required
98% pure copper core
Increased heat dissipation for reliable starts, prevents spark plug overheating
Special ground
electrode designs
Higher ignitability, reduced quenching
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NGK collaborates with OEMs to manufacturer its precious metal original equipment plugs.
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laser series

NGK LASER PLATINUM® and LASER IRIDIUM® spark plugs are tested to the highest OE standards to ensure quality and durability.

Laser series plugs are custom built for each manufacturer. Every aspect is custom for the needs of the engine platform.

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  • Iridium centre electrode
  • Nickel OR Platinum ground electrode
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  • Platinum centre electrode
  • Nickel OR Platinum ground electrode