NTK is the World's Largest 

Oxygen Sensor

Manufacturer, with over 1000 vehicle specific, direct fit part numbers. In addition to Oxygen Sensors, NTK also offers a range of Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGT Sensors).
For cleaner and more efficient engines,
Rely on NTK
EGT Sensor Part Finder

From the World's Largest Oxygen Sensor Manufacturer, NTK has expanded its range of EGT Sensors with 27 new part numbers.


All sensors come from original equipment ranges.


NTK EGT Sensors use temperature resistant elements that cover a range from -40°C up to 900°C


Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGTS) monitor the temperature of the exhaust gas, ensuring that exhaust gas cleaning components achieve optimal conversion rates.

NTK leads the way when it comes to manufacturing sensors to be fitted in the hottest and therefore especially demanding key position before turbochargers.

Key Benefits of
NTK EGT Sensors

Outstanding resilience against heat
Exceptional resistance to vibrations
Extremely fast activation
Eco friendly - Lower toxic emissions